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Die stade Zeit

Advent in Österreich

The Steyrer Crib is the last activ rod puppet theater in the world. Every year the up to 400 year old puppets are brought to life here. The Krampus play in Öblarn makes this form of Austrias original customs tangible. During a visit to the farm, old texts are performed for the children in the parlor. An eerie spectacle without equal. Advent is also the time of joyful expectation for Christmas. In Rauris, for example, there is the custom of "Anklöckelns". Franz Eidenhammer has been moving from house to house with his group for more than 40 years and presents the hostel search of Josef and Maria  in traditional costume. All these customs are an expression of the anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Christ, which brings light into the darkness again.






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