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Wie wehrt sich Österreich?

How would Austria defend itself - and could we do it at all? The war in Ukraine has completely redefined the security structure in Europe that developed after the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain in just a few days. The idea of a necessary defensive war and possible combat operations in the middle of Europe have suddenly become reality. 

Many people are feeling fear these days; uncertainty is spreading.  
The idea that Austria would be spared military conflicts, which has grown over decades, must now be questioned anew. In addition, there is now the question: And what happens to us if something does happen? Would we be able to defend ourselves at all, or is the Austrian Armed Forces not being saved to death and hardly capable of acting? 
Hanno Settele examines the question of Austria's ability to defend itself and whether the "comprehensive national defense" (which includes military, spiritual, civilian and economic national defense) adopted in the 1970s is still guaranteed. Are Austrians at all willing to defend the country? Can we rest on our neutrality and simply stay out of all conflicts, even in our immediate neighborhood? What exactly does the military obligation to stand by within the European Union mean and what would joining NATO mean?






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