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Wie korrupt ist Österreich

"Austria definitely has a corruption problem" is the tenor when we ask Austrians on the street about the issue. At the same time, it seems as if we have already got used to corrupt politicians; news about leaked chats or bought polls are almost part of our everyday life.

But the same can be said about many other things that hardly anyone turns up their nose at - a bit of moonlighting, giving officials a small gift because the application is processed so quickly, cheating on taxes... Although everyday corruption has decreased significantly in Austria, free-riding and rule-bending are almost part of the norm. Even outside of politics!

The situation in Sweden is quite different. Here, transparency has a long tradition. Hanno Settele takes a look at how easy it is to find out how much the prime minister earns and whether it is possible for journalists to read all her professional e-mails.

And: he invites 16 candidates to a very special experiment in this DOK1 episode: How quickly is each one of us willing to cheat and skirt the rules for money? 






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