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Wer soll das bezahlen?

In this Dok1 episode, Hanno Settele takes a look at how rising prices are affecting the lives of Austrians. Bread, vegetables, gasoline, heating, hairdressers and rental cars - Austrians have to dig deeper into their pockets for everything. And there is no end in sight. 
But what is inflation actually? Hanno Settele tries to make this currently very strained term tangible. What does an inflation rate of 6.8% actually mean? How does the "Austrian basket of goods" come about and is panic justified? 
In order to make it comprehensible what a strongly rising inflation means for a country, Hanno Settele also travels to Istanbul. 
Because Turkey currently has 61% inflation. The highest in Europe right now. 
Turks give him an insight into their everyday lives, in which the money needed to make a living melts away like sand between one's fingers. The price for energy rose recently by 83%. Food prices rose by 65%. And the end is probably not yet reached. Are these prospects which could also flourish in Austria? Hanno Settele tries to answer this question. 






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