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Mythos Ungesund

Sport is healthy, wheat is unhealthy, smoking pot is harmless, eggs can only be eaten sometimes, playing computer games makes you stupid, the full moon has an effect on the psyche and even on the quality of timber... - the consumer world is full of partly questionable myths. But which of them are true, which have been disproved by science and which supposedly healthy products are just a clever sales pitch? Hanno Settele wants to find out and asks.

Together with nutritionist Jürgen König, he puts the good old Viennese breakfast to the test in contrast to brown bread, bean sprouts and cucumbers. Likewise, assumptions about coffee, eggs, honey, orange juice and milk are set right. Later, the two meet again to evaluate vegan and vegetarian diets. Is vegan nutrition healthier than conventional and is it really sufficient to meet the need for trace elements and minerals? Is it true that people simply "need" meat, why is coconut oil overrated and why are "superfoods" not so super? 
During dinner, Hanno Settele and Jürgen König will get to the bottom of the questions of whether organic meat is healthier than conventionally produced meat and what makes a good dessert. Does cheese close the stomach? What does digestive liquor really do? And should you really stop eating so much in the evening?

With sports scientists Robert Csapo and Christoph Triska, Hanno Settele questions common running and fitness myths.

He meets teenage girls and cell phone psychologist Barbara Buchegger to discuss the many myths surrounding the use of social media and computer games.  Does Mozart's music really make children more intelligent? And why has IQ development in Western countries been stagnating for some time? These are questions that will be discussed with intelligence researcher Jakob Pietschnig from the University of Vienna.

Cannabis, which is now legally available in the USA and some EU countries, will also be subjected to a critical examination as to its risks. Gabriele Fischer, psychiatrist and head of the drug outpatient clinic at Vienna General Hospital, will be on hand to answer questions. 

Dermatologist Julia Valencak will examine what is true about the promising promises of cosmetic products and hair growth products. Finally, Hanno Settele investigates the "full moon" myth. Is wood felled at full moon more robust than other wood? And is it true that there are more rescue missions on full moon nights and that people drink and "freak out" more than usual? Hanno Settele is at the rescue and in the Viennese "Loos-Bar" in search of proof...







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