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Der Karussell Kaiser

Ein Tiroler baut das höchste Kettenkarussell der Welt

Who would suspect that a 57-year-old East Tyrolean, an old-established roofer with handshake quality, causes fear and sweating worldwide? Walter Pondorfer is the "fear-maker from the mountains" or the "Master of Scream". Since he gave up his original profession, he has been building machines for amusement parks all over the world. Now his latest work is due: in Orlando he is building the highest chain carousel in the world. A mega-project that will take months and is not free of risks. Especially Florida's notorious gusts of wind can quickly thwart the bold plans. The stakes are high for Pondorfer. If the "Orlando Starflyer" becomes a flop, its impeccable reputation is tarnished. If it becomes a success, all doors will be open to him from now on.






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